Your Secure Mobile Messenger

Messaging is essential for employees who work on the go. Connect your entire organization with one simple and secure solution.

Mobile-First Communication

Connect your entire staff with secure, real-time communication built for the mobile device.

Real-Time Messaging

Messaging is the best way to communicate while mobile. That’s why Lua’s foundation is fast, reliable messaging for individuals and groups.

Instant Group Calls

Quickly escalate any conversation to a group call with no dial-ins or passcodes.

Rich Attachments

Easily pull in a file from your computer or a file sharing service to give context to a conversation.

+ Deep Search, Broadcasts, Activity, Do Not Disturb, and more.

Built for Work

Lua is a communication tool developed specifically for the mobile workflow. The result is an empowered and productive staff.

Organized Directory

Lua’s directory is modeled after your organization, with departments, titles, and groups. Optionally pull these from Active Directory.

Key Integrations

Lua works seamlessly with the tools you rely on to get work done , making it easier to share files or discuss patients, and more.

Accountability Built-In

Kick the follow-up habit with read receipts and confirmation requests on all messages and files.

Backed by Insights

Take an unprecedented look at how your staff works together with Insights, Lua’s analytics dashboard.

Best-in-Class Security

Leading communication tools need to be designed for end users yet trusted by the IT department. Lua utilizes the most advanced security technologies, policies and partners to protect you, your organization and your data.

Application Security

Data in Lua is encrypted in-transit and at rest. The Lua codebase is consistently audited, tested and verified by both internal and external vulnerability scans and penetration tests. More on Application Security.

Practical Security

Practical security is equally essential. Lua provides numerous optional measures like PIN codes, remote wiping, password expiration, lock screen obfuscation & more.

Regulatory Compliance

Lua has passed numerous certifications, tests and audits. Lua is compliant across several industry regulations such as HIPAA , FINRA and FINTECH.

Extend Control with EMM

EMM/MDM are suited for deploying and managing mobile software.

Deploying Lua within an EMM solution allows administrators to extend management beyond the application to the device itself.

Learn more about EMM

Designed to Succeed

Success of a new technology depends on how well it’s introduced and managed. Lua’s Customer Success team has extensive experience working closely with organizations to design, onboard, and maintain successful Lua deployments.

Deploys in Minutes

No complicated configuration or server updates. Lua is “App Simple” and requires minimal setup and employee training. IT will love it.

Simple Administration

Our beautiful admin console makes management a joy. We’ve put the same level of care into the design of our administrative tools as we have our apps.

Built-in Support

Customer support is literally built in to the app. Reach out to a Lua representative the same way you would a colleague. Even know when we’ve read your message!

Hands-on Service

Lua believes deeply in being human. Our customer care team is hands-on with you every step of the way to ensure success.