Keep Your Team Connected
At Every Moment

Lua is for things that can’t wait. Message any number of coworkers instantly, from anywhere and on any device.

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“Lua really sped things up. We had an issue that took 45 minutes from discussion to decision to action over Lua, versus what would have been 3 hours over email, phone, and text.”

Christa Hilt, Sr Project Manager

SuperBowl XLVIII Host Committee

Hassle-Free Calling

Instant Group Calls

Stop wasting valuable time scheduling calls and circulating dial-ins. Call any number of coworkers in two taps, from anywhere.

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“Lua’s given me access to people instantly while they’re on the streets. Before, it was frustrating to contact them - it made me not want to reach out.”

Chelsea Lee, Director of Marketing


Interactive Directory

Reach The Right People
Within Two Touches

Lua’s directory is organized by departments, roles, and groups, so you can enjoy immediate access to all the right people in your organization.

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“What I love about Lua is that it has all the ease of texting, plus it is a one-stop shop for everyone’s contacts. Lua took away all the thinking that goes into getting a hold of people.”

Mary Conibear, Vice Chair

Vancouver Special Olympics

Easy File Sharing

Ensure Everyone Has the
Right Files On Hand

Attach photos and any type of files to messages, and skip digging for past attachments by referring to a dedicated attachment repository.

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“Lua enables Ailey to share real-time information with everyone on tour. It has eased the stress of being on the road seven months a year.”

Chad Sutton, Director of IT

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Total Accountability

Know You've Been Heard

Lua raises accountability with ReadReports and confirmation requests, so you can spend less time waiting around for action and more time getting the job done.

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“Being able to see who’s read a message has saved hours. I used to take 4 hours walking and driving between locations: now it takes minutes to be confident a message got through.”

Heather Leone. Director of Operations

Medical Imaging Specialists


Communication Analytics
You Can Act Upon

Take an unprecedented look at how your staff works together with Insights, Lua’s analytics dashboard. Use actionable business intelligence on responsiveness, cross-departmental interaction, and activity concentration to raise your organization’s effectiveness.

Explore Insights

“Consistent communication is essential for organizational growth. Insights helps me to identify gaps in communication and productivity - this is the type of data you can act on right away.”

Bonnie Cheney, VP

Medical Imaging Specialists

Built for Business

Get The Ease, Security, And Structure For Your Enterprise Security Needs

Quick and Easy Setup

Connect your team in just a few minutes.

One Place to Manage Everything

Our Admin Console provides a dedicated place for user management, across all platforms. No matter the size of your organization, management remains extremely easy.

App Simple, No Server Necessary

Most smartphone users know how to use apps, so onboards are easy. No top-down installs here, no on-premise server deployments, and often no training necessary.

Dynamic Security

We update our software constantly to respond to new security threats as they develop.

Government-Grade Protection

Lua is compliant with industry standards for information security, including the NIST Framework that the Department of Defense adheres to, and HIPAA.

Remote Wipe

Administrators can easily wipe a user’s devices, force logging them out and deleting all data.

Outstanding Support

The New Enterprise Customer Care

We Fit Lua To Your Needs

Our Customer Success team will help to organize your Lua Network so that it reflects how your organization truly works best.

We're An Extension Of Your Team

Our in-app support team provides customers with a direct connection to our team. We’ll answer any question, address any concern, or schedule a virtual training session.

“I have worked with so many vendors but never seen the quickness and efficiency of support Lua provides - it was like issues were resolved even before we were done asking about them.”

Lloyd Richards, Airport and Hotel Program Lead