The Entire Organization At Your Fingertips

Keep your team connected at every moment and across all devices with messaging that is fast and intuitive. With Lua’s highly-organized, interactive directory, each member of your team can immediately message the right people, at the right time.

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Flexible Communication That
Works The Way You Do

Whether it’s through messaging or calling, with an individual or a group, stay connected with your team at any moment, from anywhere.

Real-Time Messaging

Instantly message any number of coworkers: individuals, custom groups, or even full departments.

Group Calling

It's time to ditch conference calling. Skip scheduling calls, creating dial-ins and passcodes, and simply jump on the phone immediately with the right people.


Bring any type of files, including photos, into your conversations. Easily find past attachments in a dedicated repository.

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Built for Business

Industry Leading Information Security

All connections use industry-standard TLS encryption. Trusted by the military, Lua complies with the NIST Risk Management Framework that the DoD adheres to.

Admin Control

From user management to custom group creation, Lua empowers system administrators to effortlessly manage the network.

Enterprise Scalability

As your organization grows, Lua grows seamlessly with it. Users and groups remain just as easy to manage, and everyone stays on the same page with company-wide Broadcasts.

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Making Communication Smarter

Don’t just talk: improve your organization through communication. Lua increases accountability and illuminates communication patterns so you can boost your team’s effectiveness.

Total Accountability

Always know exactly who’s viewed each message and file, which coworkers are active, and request direct confirmation for added assurance.

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Make data-driven decisions with Insights, an analytics dashboard that provides an unprecedented look into how your organization works together.

Guidance a Tap Away

Draw upon the experience of our dedicated customer service professionals to resolve issues or set up Lua in a way that optimizes collaboration.

Syncs Across Devices

Lua is available across iOS, Android, and the Web. Lua is also smartwatch-compatible.


"Lua is what almost every company today is looking for: a faster way to get info so they can get their business done."

Simon Miller Shift Supervisor